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Fees & Insurance

All medical services are the financial obligation of the patient or responsible party, such as an insurance company or managed care health plan. Fees for office calls, procedures, lab work, and exams should be paid at the time services are rendered.

For pregnancies and certain surgeries, we accept assignment from your insurance company. We require a deposit of your health care costs, which must be paid in full before the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy or before surgery.

If the payment from the insurance company exceeds the fee, we mail you a refund within 30 to 45 business days. Returned checks must be paid in cash, and a $35.00 fee is charged. For your convenience, we accept Visa™, MasterCard™, Discover™, and others.

Insurance companies often take a lump sum average of physician charges in specified geographic areas. Dr. Evans' fees are competitive with the fees of other physicians in the North Dallas area and at the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.


Due to the many changes in the way health care is financed and delivered, we are required to obtain certain information from you before seeing the doctor. You must have your insurance coverage pre-certified by our staff prior to an office visit.

We must have your most recent insurance information on file to qualify for benefit assignment. You are financially responsible for deductibles and the balance not covered by your policies. Co-pays must be paid at the time of your visit.

By updating your insurance information, we help you obtain the coverage you deserve from your specific policy. If you belong to PPOs or HMOs, you must provide us with a referral number from a primary care physician before being examined by Dr. Evans.

Some plans require a referral from the primary care physician with an office visit prior to being examined by a gynecologist or obstetrician. In the complicated maze of health care options and plans, it is in your best interest to understand your insurance benefits and coverage.

We allow 45 days for assignment claims to be paid by the insurance company. After 45 days, the total unpaid balance is due from the patient or responsible party. If your employer or insurer is unable to pay your claims, you are responsible for the payment of medical expenses.

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